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                                                     NEW! The StormPredator Weather Radar Appliance

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Application ideas:

The StormPredator RADAR appliance is unique in that is a "set and forget" appliance that will constantly display a live weather radar channel 24/7 without any intervention.

You can use it wherever you might need to watch for storms and use that information to alert staff, viewers, or listeners.

Talk Radio: One of the more useful applications is for small radio stations, such as News talk formats. The appliance can be mounted right in the radio booth so that announcers can immediately refer to it. As an added bonus, you can have it export the latest radar image your web page and also have it send out email alerts when storms approach.

Click to see an example image that can be sent to your web page:

Lodging industry: Hotels and motels that live in active weather areas can provide a live TV channel to all guest rooms by connecting a TV signal converter to the StormPredator Radar Appliance to feed into your in-house CATV system. You can also have the unit running behind a flat panel TV in the lobby to give travelers a report on weather conditions in their area. Watches and warnings are automatically displayed on the screen as they are issued.

Airports: Airports wanting to include radar displays along with flight schedules can easily and affordably place the StormPredator Radar Appliance in existing information kiosks and connect to flat screen displays like this one shown below.

Click image to enlarge

Is the radar imagery really free?

Yes! Our system takes freely available raw radar data from NOAA's National Weather Service and combines it with our stunning terrain imagery to produce a high quality presentation.

There's no fees for the data - ever. All you need is a working wired or wireless Internet connection to receive the data and start displaying your own radar channel.

Can I get it customized?

Absolutely! For the basic appliance we can offer custom base maps plus your logo insertion. You can do these things yourself if you have graphics skills or we can do it for you for a small fee.

We also can offer a number of optional content customizations, including custom base maps, centering on your town, regional and national radar and satellite coverage, local forecasts, forecast maps, current conditions, and even a way to monetize the content channel by inserting advertising.

See our  product which offers ad insertion in addition to being able to customize a slide show of weather content plus custom weather content for your location.

Click for current USA Doppler Image
Current National
(click for large image)

Would you like LIVE WEATHER content on your website? See:

for details


StormPredator Weather Radar Appliance for Desktop or Wall mounted LCD monitors

*Now also available as a software only version (for Windows based PC's)!

Above: the StormPredator Radar Appliance automatically updates
and loops the radar imagery. Click image to see larger image
showing terrain and storm detail.

What is it?

The StormPredator Weather Appliance is a small, self contained automatic appliance that connects to any LCD monitor
or TV with a SVGA port or HDMI port and turns it into a dedicated 24/7 weather radar display. It mounts directly to the
rear of the LCD monitor/TV using the included VESA mount. Once setup, the StormPredator Radar Appliance will run
continuously and unattended to provide live radar coverage of the area you select. It uses a special version of our popular
StormPredator desktop software designed for unattended continuous operation.

For home use, a typical setup is to use your big screen TV normally with CATV or satellite, but to add this unit into a spare HDMI input or the SVGA input if your TV has one. You can easily switch back and forth from that input and live TV or if your TV offers a "picture in picture" feature, you can have a small radar window onscreen with live TV.


What else is it useful for?

Anywhere needing storm tracking at a glance. Unlike watching a cable TV channel like "The Weather Channel" you don't
have to wait for them to get around to showing your area of interest. For example: Radio stations that offer live weather
reports can benefit by having "live doppler radar" to refer to at any moment.

Above: Example of the StormPredator Radar Appliance on an LCD TV in a live radio booth

Other applications include:

  • Interstate truck stops, rest areas, and restaurants that cater to travelers
  • Dispatch centers were weather is a factor in planning operations
  • Hotels/motels that want to offer a lobby display
  • Airports that want to add live radar to the flight schedule displays
  • Local or in-house cable TV channels that wish to offer a live local radar channel
  • Radio stations that report live weather, but who cannot afford a radar or radar service - see below
  • TV stations for offering a live local radar on a secondary HDTV channel
  • Golf courses and other outdoor recreation facilities that need to track weather for safety
  • Agricultural operations that have workers in the field
  • Utilities that need to track storms in operations centers

What are the advantages of the StormPredator appliance?

  • Works with your existing network, wired or wireless WiFi
  • Setup in minutes, no special skills or tools required
  • Operates like a web browser silently fetching and updating images
  • Intelligent updater updates only images that change - low bandwidth impact
  • Uses the NOAA national NEXRAD network - public data - NO subscription fees
  • Nationwide coverage including Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico
  • Continuous unattended 24/7 operation
  • Near silent operation (cooling fan at 26 decibels), internal automatic housekeeping
  • Small, thin, low power - mounts anywhere - mounting hardware included
  • No user interaction or mouse/keyboard input required
  • Gives radio stations the ability to have their own live Doppler Radar Weather
  • Custom base maps with additional towns/locations can be imported
  • Will automatically export the radar image as a still or animation to your web page
  • Images are brandable as your own local radar service with your text/logo
  • Customizable to send email/pager/cell phone alerts on severe weather detection
  • Can also be operated interactively for tracking if desired, has all the interactive features
    of our desktop application available when used this way. 

Above: The StormPredator Radar Appliance mounted on the rear of a 27" LCD TV

Above: The StormPredator Radar Appliance mounted on 27" LCD TV, top front view showing
WiFi antenna and power switch/power indicator light

StormPredator Radar Appliance Specifications:
  • Intel┬« Atom™ processor 230 - 533MHz front side bus, 512KB L2 cache and 1.6GHz processor speed.

  • 1GB DDR2 memory - installed internally SODIMM module

  • 160GB Serial ATA hard drive - quiet, low power, reliable.

  • NVIDIA ION LE graphics For colorful images with sharp detail.

  • HDMI port - for connecting the desktop to an HDTV.

  • SVGA port - for connection to computer monitors and LCD TV's with SVGA input

  • High-definition audio support - Line out and Mic In

  • Multi-in-1 digital media reader Supports MultiMediaCard, Secure Digital, Memory Stick and xD-Picture Card

  • 6 high-speed USB 2.0 ports - For fast digital data transfer and easy peripheral connectivity.

  • Built-in 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet LAN with RJ-45 connector - For flexible wired Web connectivity options.

  • 802.11B and G wireless networking installed -  external USB antenna only 1" high, built in LED indicator

  • Microsoft XP Home Edition operating system with Service Pack 3 (SP3) preinstalled, patched with latest updates

  • StormPredator Radar Appliance software preinstalled - and set for automatic unattended startup with full screen display

  • VESA mount / wall mount with hardware included - fits most all VESA compliant monitors/TV's

  • Security lock hasp built into case - Kensington style lock

  • 120VAC powered via AC/DC 65 watt converter - can also be operated on DC power alone

  • AC power recovery - can bet set to automatically power up after power failure or to remain off

  • ENERGY STAR qualified - Designed to use less energy and meets strict energy efficiency guidelines


Included with the StormPredator Radar Appliance:

  • Desk stand - vertical positioning of the appliance

  • VESA mount / wall mount with screw hardware included

  • SVGA cable - 18"

  • Recovery CD - for StormPredator Appliance software with user manual

  • Quick start guide - for ten minute setup

  • USB keyboard and USB mouse are included for initial setup - not needed for regular operation

  • Windows XP SP3 - license COA sticker on the side of appliance


BUY The StormPredator Radar Appliance

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* BUY The StormPredator Radar Appliance Software
Includes CD ROM with 2 licenses: 1 for your appliance and 1 for a personal laptop or PC

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