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NEWS- StormPredator is released

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527 Flume Street Chico, CA 95928
Phone: (530) 899-8434 | Fax: (530) 899-3333


Contact: Anthony Watts
Office: (530) 899-8434
Email: awatts"at"

StormPredator: Personal Storm Tracking and Intelligent Alerting on Your Desktop

Chico, CA – October 1st, 2003 – ItWorks has just released StormPredator—an interactive desktop weather monitoring application that makes tracking, alerting and monitoring severe weather easy and intuitive. Functioning as a primary Internet weather information source, StormPredator displays everything from radar and satellite imagery to forecasts and severe weather bulletins. Plus, its friendly user interface allows even the most novice user to explore weather systems in depth—all from a stunning and totally customizable desktop application.

Also included is their exclusive Storm Tracker Tool, which allows users to mark thunderstorm cells in the loop history with key frame points, and then have an automated forecast for speed, distance covered, direction, and Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of the storm! A projected path is displayed along with a box outlining possible variance of the storm as it advances. No other program has this feature!

Other key features include:
· Location selectable Personal Radar with "Always On" live display mode
· Personal Storm Alarm-- settable for any area
· Pop-up storm alerts with or without audio alert, customizable .WAV file
· Circular design gives a radar presentation that looks and feels like a real radar scope
· Stunning user interface with custom skins and buttons: over 80 included with the CD version!
· Automated and instant Looping/Animation with variable speed and single step mode
· Save weather loops to disk, load them again for history playback of severe weather
· Distance Measuring Tool indicates how far away storms are– in statute or nautical miles
· Zoom Control: movable and sizable window, variable magnification
· Storm Cell Analyzer- determine strength of storm cells
· Background or foreground operation, plus compact operational modes
· Full USA coverage for the entire 150+ NEXRAD Radar Network, including Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico
· Radar basemaps can be customized with terrain/landmarks, full 24 bit color
· Auto radar sweep beam with variable color, width, and speed
· Auto radar image refresh and update, short or long range, plus base and composite modes
· Personal 24/7 Forecaster built in for over 60,000 USA and Worldwide locations
· Exclusive Interactive Weather Warnings Map for national and state levels- plus radar and satellite overlays with full text of weather bulletins
· Radar image enhancement- choose custom colors, flash selectable echo levels for visibility
· Easy and intuitive operation, Hotkeys for faster operation, plus a built in Help Reference
· Optional professional and broadcast versions that work with any Doppler radar- custom branding available!

Best of all, the radar images and forecasts are always 100% free! No subscription service is required to continue using the program or data. A one-time purchase of the software enables any user to own their own personal severe weather alerting center. StormPredator simply works with any internet connection: dial-up modems, LAN, ISDN, Cable Modems, Satellite Internet, DSL, T1—even AOL.
StormPredator can even be customized for a variety of looks as shown below:

The program is perfect for personal use or for a wide variety of applications such as:

  • Personal storm alarm or private meteorology

  • Schools and businesses with responsibility for large groups of people

  • Golf courses, sports stadiums and amusement park management

  • Pilots and small airports

  • Boaters and marinas

  • Manufacturing Plant Safety

  • Storm Chasers/Storm Spotters/Skywarn

  • TV or Radio stations (can be used with in-place Doppler radar systems)

  • Amateur Radio

  • Agriculture, Forestry and rangeland management

StormPredator is the result of years of experience in the weather graphics business. The founder of the company, Anthony Watts, is a 25 year broadcast meteorology veteran and was responsible for the first ever PC based weather graphics display system for broadcast television in 1983. Since then, hundreds of TV stations have used TV weather display equipment he designed to show weather on the nightly news.

StormPredator is distributed by IntelliWeather and is available online through their weather equipment store:


StormPredator CD $49.95: Includes full range of over 80 skins and 18 buttons, and the option to activate your download before the CD is shipped. The CD also includes additional online weather content, over 600 customizable basemaps, instructions on how to customize basemaps, plus road symbols and other map clipart. Also includes an exclusive Severe Weather Screensaver, and an atomic clock program to keep your PC time correct and synchronized.

StormPredator Download $39.95: Includes limited number of skins and buttons for customization, program can be downloaded through Website only.

Immediate availability, dealer inquiries invited

For more information, visit the Website at:
Contact: Anthony Watts
email: awatts"at"
Telephone: (530) 899-8434
Fax: (530) 899-3333
527 Flume Street
Chico, CA 95928