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StormPredator Version 2.82 Maintenance Release released 3/03/06
This release supersedes Version 2.70, released last month
-- These releases contain updates to manage problems with connecting to the National Weather Service Internet servers that have been caused by the NWS doing server migrations and upgrades for their online weather radar content. If you are having trouble getting StormPredator to get a radar image, be sure to download and install Version 2.82 This version also corrects a problem with window placements being remembered that can cause some window dialogs to be lost off screen.

StormPredator Version 2.70 Maintenance Release released 2/06/06

Bugs fixed in this release

-- Updated the database to reflect new NWS URLs.

StormPredator Version 2.60 Maintenance Release released 6/24/05

Bugs fixed in this release

-- Selecting JPG image format for saved images did not work correctly.
-- The program would crash when the track button was pressed if the user had selected JPG image format. After much work and with the help of several Beta Testers, we finally located and fixed this problem once and for all.
-- Multiple basemaps were displayed under some conditions. This problem has persisted for several versions and had to do with users changing the location while communications were occurring, plus the combination of certain settings. Again with the help of our Beta Testers we are confident this has been solved.
New Features in this release
-- Added a command line switch to start the program with the left-hand button panel not visible, useful where the user wants to run SP in some sort of dedicated display application and only wants a "round" scope display. For more on this see:

To use this feature add this switch to the command line "-noexpand" Example: stormpredator.exe -nologo -noexpand would cause SP to not show the splash screen and not show the side button panel

-- Added content to and updated the help file to reflect new features over the last several versions.



StormPredator Version 2.58 Maintenance Release released 6/14/05

New features in StormPredator version 2.58

-- Selectable interval between alert email/pager messages
-- Persistent magnification location and level
-- Azimuth ring custom overlay (use ALT-V hotkey to toggle overlay on/off)
Bugs fixed in this version:
-- The program would crash when the track button was pressed (on some machines).
-- Multiple basemaps were displayed under some conditions where the user didn't wait for communications to complete before switching radar sites.
-- Image attachments were not being sent with email/pager messages on alerts
-- The program could get stuck in a "fast fetching loop" under certain conditions
-- This release will preserve the user's configuration settings when a new version is installed.

Feature details:
--- Alert message interval ---
Feature description
    The user may select the amount of time that will elapse between email/pager messages. The initial message is sent immediately, and subsequent messages will be sent after the specified delay. The default interval is 15 minutes, and ranges from 1 minute to 2 hrs (120 minutes). The selection is made in the Display options dialog. Please note that this setting is separate from the delay value in the popup dialog -- that setting only affects the visual and aural notifications.
--- Persistent magnification settings ---
Feature description
    The program remembers the user's last magnification location and zoom level.
--- Azimuth Ring custom overlay (use ALT-V hotkey to toggle overlay on/off)
Feature description
    The installer now installs an azimuth ring image suitable for use as a custom overlay.
    To use this feature, press the Settings button and select Overlay Options. Under Custom Overlays, put a check mark in the Display Custom Overlay Image box. The Azimuth Ring is selected by default.

StormPredator Version 2.57 Maintenance Release released 4/27/05

Version 2.57  ( minor maintenance release ) 4/25/05

New features in StormPredator version 2.57

  • Added support for an use of a third-party e-mailer program. this can help in situations where some ISP's won't support certain types of outgoing mailers


  • Requested feature: Always-on-top option for the mini mode window

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a mistake by the programmer that caused the Version 2.56 program to fail when a complete uninstall/reinstall was done. Version 2.57 solves this issue.
  • Fixed a bug where the program would not detect clear air mode correctly. I have compensated for a recent and (hopefully) any future changes made to clear air mode images by the National Weather Service
  • Fixed a bug where custom basemap would not show in scaled windows (mini mode window, tracker windows)
  • Fixed a bug where custom basemap selection would not persist if a site was chosen that did not have a custom map available.

Known Issues Not Addressed In This Version:
Requested feature: Zoom window should remember its zoomed position and magnification level.
The ETA and/or velocity for a tracked cell may be a negative number.
The time stamp on some tracker images may be corrupt.
(The above two symptoms are related. I have made changes to help alleviate the problem but I am not convinced it is entirely fixed. I'm still working on the problem.)


StormPredator Version 2.55 Maintenance Release released 2/21/05

Version 2.55   ( minor maintenance release ) 2/21/05

New features in StormPredator version 2.55

  • Persistent window placement
    Virtually all of the windows in the program will now remember where they are placed on the screen. This includes the main window, mini window, all dialogs, browser windows, and prompt windows. Transient dialogs such as the file selection dialog, wait dialogs, progress bars, and message boxes will appear in default locations.
  • Resizeable browser windows and zoom window
    All of the browser windows (help dialogs, forecast, warning map, and national map dialogs) and the magnify window are now resizeable and will remember their size and position.
  • Maximizeable browser windows
    All of the browser windows (help dialogs, forecast, warning map, and national map dialogs) can be maximized or restored by double-clicking the left mouse button in the title bar area of the dialog. The windows remember their maximized/restored state. To reset all of the windows to their default placements, delete the file <install_dir>\data\database\windex.dat
  • Tracker dialog image selection
    You can select images for display in the storm tracker dialog with the mouse button in addition to the advance/reverse buttons.
Bug fixes:
  • Custom basemaps would not display correctly.
  • Email port number could get corrupted resulting in a negative number.
  • Various Graphical User Interface "glitches" such as buttons not appearing correctly.
  • Restored the Minimize hot key, it is now F11
  • Some dialogs would exit prematurely if the database file was damaged
    Flash feature did not work correctly with smoothing turned on - fixed



    You will need your serial number to install it.

    Licensed/Registered users of version 2.x can get a FREE upgrade from this page

    People who wish to evaluate StormPredator for the first time, please see this page

StormPredator Version 2.5 MAJOR UPGRADE released 1/14/05

Version 2.5   ( major release ) 1/14/05

New features in StormPredator version 2.5

  • New Custom markers, almost 70 are included, even a mobile home! (and you can easily add your own)
  • Images are automatically saved to disk in the "autosave" folder after formatting by StormPredator. This is for use with web pages using an external FTP uploader program to send SP images to your web page.
  • You can now add a custom caption text for saved images.
  • You can send images on scan zone alerts to email or cell phones/PDAs in various screen sizes and image formats. Options exist for sending as attachments or as embedded HTML email
  • User-selectable SMTP port for the email program for non-standard email servers
  • New Image Processing feature! An image smoothing option allows for smoothing out pixelated radar echoes to provide a look similar to TV news presentations. A slider control allows for custom settings to your preference
  • Verbose mode for troubleshooting. Command line switch will be provided by tech support if needed
  • New Full-screen mode including loop and beam. Press F4 to activate. ALT-L will start a loop, ALT-B will run the beam. Esc, F4, or mouse click will exit. Settings exist to allow full screen mode to fill the entire screen, or to preserve the 1:1 aspect ratio of the original radar image.
  • Options panel can be collapsed in mini-window mode. Press Space Bar
  • A broadcast TV version of SP 2.5 will be released soon, allowing for Storm Predator to run CCTV channels or to be used with live TV. This will include a custom 3D terrain map for the locations of your choice. An additional one-time cost for this broadcast version of the software will be required. Details will be forthcoming.

See DETAILS on usage of these new features in the HELP section


Bug fixes/enhancements:

  • The program would stop updating after running for several hours. This has been fixed for stable Operating Systems such as 2000 and XP, but Win98/WinME users we cannot guarantee any long or even short term stability due to these OS's being unstable by nature.
  • Under certain unique conditions, the program would not fetch the first image or subsequent images, but the history (loop) images were fetched correctly. This has been addressed.
  • The SMTP server password was displayed in plain text. Now it is covered by asterisks
  • The program would stop responding when some security software was running simultaneously. Most notable, Norton Internet Security 2004/2005 caused StormPredator to stop functioning, the bug is actually in Norton Internet Security's handling of certain web protocols. We do not recommend the use of Norton Internet Security for any reason.

Also, our new product WeatherFrame has been released! Its a self contained Internet enabled LCD screen that works like a GeoChron and private weather channel. See to check it out.


Download the Upgrade here click to download

You'll need to run the SP-Installer.exe program. NOTE: You'll need to plug in your existing serial number in the installer.



You will need your serial number to install it.

Licensed/Registered users of version 2.0x can get a FREE upgrade from this page

People who wish to evaluate StormPredator for the first time, please see this page


Version 2.15   ( maintenance release ) 12/14/04

Bug fixes/enhancements:

  • Norton Internet Security 2004/2005 caused StormPredator to stop functioning, the bug is actually in Norton Internet Security's handling of certain web protocols (in this case checking for a zero length file size on the NWS radar file) but we created a workaround since Norton (Symantec) doesn't answer email from lowly developers like us. Thanks Norton.
  • StormPredator would stop updating correctly after running for an extended period of time, resulting in a need for a program restart. This has been fixed. SP can run for days (possibly weeks) now with no need for restart.
  • The Map Marker would not correctly update the new name typed in if the Enter key was pressed, only the OK button would save the change. This has been fixed.

StormPredator Version 2.12C UPDATE released 10/14/04
Bug fixes/enhancements: 
  • Due to the NWS servers URL locations changing in the Southern and Western Regions,and TWICE IN ONE WEEK, we have released an updated StormPredator program file that can be downloaded and installed over the existing program installation.

Version 2.12   ( minor maintenance release ) 5/28/04

Bug fixes/enhancements:

  • Improved remote serial number and license validity checking to improve reliability.
  • Created a different Trial License for the Trial version that is easier to use, added new splash screen for Trial Version.
  • Related to above - fixed once and for all the "damaged license file" problem that affects some registered users by dumping the maddening SoftwareShield and getting a new software licensing system that actually works.
  • Added screen in the installer to advise users that personal and corporate firewalls may need to be enabled for StormPredator to do port 80 (HTTP) access of remote content if that is blocked by default.
  • Minor bug fixes in Internet content fetching engine.
  • Minor cosmetic enhancements.


Version 2.11   ( minor maintenance release ) 4/02/04

Bug fixes/enhancements:

  • Evansville, IN Radar put back into database, accidentally got deleted
  • Email Dialog logic fix which greyed out From: line sometimes
  • Email Alerts help file added and linked to button in Email settings dialog
  • Email Test function has small internal reliability change


Version 2.10   ( major upgrade release ) 3/31/04

Bug fixes/enhancements:

  • The license manager has been reworked. No more damaged license files! This is a major rework to solve a problem that has been fairly common, and due to a flawed third party license protection scheme, which has been removed and replaced with our own more sensible and robust version.
  • You can now install over an old version and use the same serial number
  • The serial number manager has been reworked. No more "Your serial number is in use by a different user"!
  • The database uses data files rather than MS Access based ODBC driver linked database. That has many happy effects; no more installation hangups because of missing drivers, no more crashes when the program exits, any user (not just the installer or administrator) can use the program.
  • All major dependencies on Microsoft database and other Microsoft libraries has been either removed or replaced with our own database engine and libraries to improve reliability. Microsoft Update had been breaking some StormPredator installs with "new and improved" MS flavor or the week more, because we don't give Microsoft the chance anymore by getting all their code libraries out we could.
  • The estimated time for the next update is corrected (at 10 min.) for Clear Air mode.
  • The default filter option for Clear Air mode is to not filter data in Clear Air mode. No more confusion about seeing no data on the image when the site is not in Precipitation mode. All of the filter options remain, but the default is changed.
  • The program now handles missing Internet connections gracefully. It will retry a missing connection until told otherwise.
  • The email and pager function now works correctly with text file address lists.
  • Additions of simple language descriptions to precipitation color keys to help the non-technical person determine strength
  • Download and installer size has been reduced due to removal of Microsoft ODBC driver dependency bundles


New features in 2.10:

  • Markers have been added and can be placed on the map, see help file for details
  • The F9 key toggles between long and short range modes.
  • An email test function has been added to the Email and Pager Address dialog
  • Descriptive text has been enhanced in many dialogs
  • A command line switch ( - nologo ) has been added to eliminate the splash screen if desired
    (registered version only)
  • Trial version is significantly smaller (under 5 MB) and has some features disabled, and has no splash screen
  • Trial version can no longer be registered, nor trial extended under any circumstances beyond 14 days on a single PC. user downloads complete registered version or gets a new CD ROM

Known Issues in version 2.10

  • Custom Basemaps and overlays do not work in Mini Mode, or on the Tracker Dialog Will be fixed in future update release.
  • Splash screen "may" cause some errors based on how a PC system is configured with other applications that share DLL's, use command line switch ( - nologo ) has been added to eliminate the splash screen if desired

Upgrade Method for owners of Version 2.0x  download and install over existing SP installation, or run from CD installer if you have just received your CD.

Upgrade Method for owners of Version 1.53 and earlier - download and install over existing SP installation. You may have to get a new serial number from us to do this, proof of purchase is required.