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StormPredator Version 2.10 released
Always learning from our users, we have released a new version of StormPredator just over a month after initial release to provide significant new levels of functionality plus some minor bug repairs.




It is available for download now!


Version 2.10   ( upgrade release ) 3/31/04

Bug fixes/enhancements:

  • The license manager has been reworked. No more damaged license files!
  • You can now install over an old version and use the same serial number
  • The serial number manager has been reworked. No more "Your serial number is in use by a different user"!
  • The database uses data files rather than ODBC. That has many happy effects no more installation hangups because of missing drivers, no more crashes when the program exits, any user (not just the installer or administrator) can use the program.
  • The estimated time for the next update is corrected (at 10 min.) for Clear Air mode.
  • The default filter option for Clear Air mode is to not filter data in Clear Air mode. No more confustion about seeing no data on the image when the site is not in Precipitation mode. All of the filter options remain, but the default is changed.
  • The program handles missing Internet connections gracefully. It will retry a missing connection until told otherwise.
  • The email and pager function now works correctly with text file address lists.
  • Additions of simple language descriptions to precipitation color keys to help the non-technical person determine strength
  • Download and installer size has been reduced due to removal of Microsoft ODBC driver dependency bundles


New features in 2.10:

  • Markers have been added and can be placed on the map
  • The F9 key toggles between long and short range modes.
  • An email test function has been added to the Email and Pager Address dialog
  • Descriptive text has been enhanced in many dialogs
  • A command line switch ( - nologo ) has been added to eliminate the splash screen if desired
    (registered version only)

Known Issues in version 2.10

  • Custom Basemaps and overlays do not work in Mini Mode, or on the Tracker Dialog Will be fixed in the next update release.

Upgrade Method for owners of Version 2.0x,  -unistall previuos versions, then  download and install , or run from CD installer if you have just received your CD.


Version 2.0  11/19/03

Bugs fixed in version 2.0
  • Fixed a bug where the loop control dialog and/or color key dialog would not appear when the monitor was set for 800x600 pixel resolution.
  • Added automatic MDAC database driver detection to determine if MS Access database drivers are installed or not, and if not, install MDAC and make an Access Driver data source for SP to use. Users that have MS Office installed or MS Access installed won't see this process run when SP is installed, but if they don't have a MS Access driver on their PC, may be asked to reboot to complete the MDAC installation.
  • Fixed a bug where the color selection would not persist through invocations of the program when the NWS Colors button or SP Colors button was pressed in the Color Selection dialog.
  • Fixed a bug where the program settings were not saved when the program was exited via ALT-F4.
  • Fixed a Microsoft Internet Explorer Control bug where the Forecast window would not allow text entry in the Zip Code field.
  • Fixed bug where the basemap image can get out of sync if the radar site is changed while the program is communicating with the Internet.

New features in version 2.0

  • A new radar site (KVWX in Evansville, Indiana) has been added.
  • The buttons on the front panel have been revised and re-arranged for better presentation.
  • Looping now has a short pause at the end as requested by several users, this can be turned ON/OFF in the Display Options Dialog
  • A mini-window mode is available, accessible through a button on the front panel or by pressing ALT-M. This mode will run continuously with reduced desktop real estate and will display any alerts
  • The options dialogs are now accessible through the Settings button. A new sub menu of buttons shows all option types in one place
  • The Site Options dialog is now known as the Location dialog. ALT-O (Location) Hotkey Functions the same as before when it was called "options"
  • User can now create custom overlay maps for each radar location and range/type. This allows overlay on new city names, markers, road symbols, etc. It can be activated by pressing ALT-V. An overlay file selection dialog is available in the Settings dialog. The user may independently select range ring overlay files and arbitrary overlay files.
  • When the left mouse button is pressed down in the radar display, the Latitude and Longitude of the selected point is now displayed. If the mouse button is held down and the mouse is moved, then the distance between the first point and the current point is displayed.
  • The user can override the default zip code used to display a forecast for a site by entering it in the Location dialog. This will stay in place for each radar site.
  • The program can now send e-mail and pager alerts when the threshold is reached in the site's scan zone. For both email and pager (independently), the user can set the recipient address or specify a text file containing multiple addresses, set the SMTP server address, and specify whether the SMTP server requires a username and password, and the associated username and password. The user may also specify the From: address and Subject: lines of the messages.
  • The registration process has been totally revised to be simpler. A single serial number is now used to activate the software. The serial number and user information is collected during the installation process and verified by the program at run time. The user does not need to enter validation codes as before. A failure recovery mode is available (contact StormPredator Technical Support for details about the recovery feature).
  • Added tutorial to the Help File that shows how to create your own custom basemaps
  • Made additions to help document hotkeys section to reflect new functions
  • Added a tutorial to help file on how to create and use custom overlays
  • Added section of the help file to instruct users on how to use the new Email/Pager alerting feature

Known issues:
Some NWS radar sites routinely drop offline and communications will halt, displaying a communications error dialog. Workaround: restart the program and it will re-sync. Will be fixed in the next release.

Custom Basemaps and overlays do not work in Mini Mode, or on the Tracker Dialog Will be fixed in the next release.

Upgrade Method for owners of Version 1.53 and earlier - download and install over existing SP installation, or run from CD installer if you have just received your CD.