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StormPredator Version 1.53 released
Always learning from our users, we have released a new version of StormPredator just a week after initial release to address a few minor cosmetic and operation issues brought to our attention by our users.


Version 1.53  10/7/03

Fixes in 1.53:

  • The custom basemap handler in "site options" has been implemented and enabled. If users chooses "custom basemaps", and none are found, will check to see if NOAA basemaps (from CD install) exist on disk, and if those are not found, will extract a basemap from the radar image and save to disk as SP normally does with the download only version.
  • The text in the Display Options dialog has been changed to reflect the above.
  • The text in the initial prompt dialog has been changed to highlight the F5 key for calling up National Radar Map- some users were not finding it in the hotkeys section of help
  • The Replay History function would not display images correctly if the current radar site was in Clear Air mode- fixed.
  • Added a news item banner to the main help file that will show 1-2 lines of news, such as a new version release from the website.
  • Added tutorial to the CD ROM that shows how to create your own custom basemaps
  • Made minor syntax fixes in help document hotkeys section
  • Added additional FAQs to website and SP distribution help file

Known issues:
The basemap image can get out of sync if the radar site is changed while the program is communicating with the Internet. Workaround: restart the program and it will re-sync. Fixed in the next release.

Upgrade Method for owners of Version 1.52 and earlier - download and install over existing SP installation, or run from CD installer if you have just received your CD.