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Version 3.6 is LIVE!

Download StormPredator

If you have already received a Version 3.x serial number you can use it again to install the latest version. There is no charge for updates to registered 3.x owners.

Please see our BUY section if you are not a registered owner of Version 3.x


Download StormPredator 3.6 REGISTERED Version

REGISTEREDClick to download the StormPredator installation program Download StormPredator REGISTERED Version Here!
Current Registered Version: 3.3 ~ 35 Megabytes
For English (USA) Versions of Windows


Get it! (file SP-Install.exe 36 MB)

Download Link: click to download REGISTERED VERSION 
(you will need your Version 3 serial number to install)

Not sure if you can run StormPredator? see the system requirements. If you wish to evaluate StormPredator please see our TRIAL VERSION

System Requirements

Before downloading please review the StormPredator System Requirements to make sure you can run it:

  • You must be connected to the Internet to run Storm Predator, you can connect via an Internet Service Provider via Modem Dialup, DSL, cable modem, satellite, or T-1 or other methods of connecting to the Internet.
  • If you are running a Personal Firewall program, you will need to allow Storm Predator to access the Internet through it.
  • Your PC must have at least 800x600 screen resolution with a color depth of 16 bits or higher.  24/32 bits is recommended for best quality.
  • Your PC processor should be a Pentium 3, or 4 of at least 1 GHz or faster for best performance, though SP will run on machines as slow as 800 mHz. Our recommended minimum is Pentium 4 at 2 GHz or faster
  • A minimum of 1024 MB of ram is recommended, the more the better
  • Windows 2000 or XP Home, Pro, or Media Center versions are required as of Version 3.00 and higher to run StormPredator
  • Windows Vista is supported
  • Windows 7 has been fully tested and is supported


  • Windows 95 is not supported, Windows 98, Windows ME, are not supported,  Windows NT4.0 is not supported.
  • For Macintosh - StormPredator requires Microsoft Virtual PC for Macs to operate on Motorola CPU based Macs and Parallels Desktop for Intel CPU based Macs.
  • Requires Windows to be running English language - will not install on non USA English Versions

If your system meets or exceeds these requirements, then you can run StormPredator!



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